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at the
First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church
50 School Street
Bridgewater, Massachusetts

David Roth with Rick Gottlieb
January 3, 2015

David Roth

David Roth strikes many chords, hearts, and minds with his unique songs, offbeat observations, moving stories, sense of the hilarious, and powerful singing and subject matter. As singer, songwriter, recording artist, keynote speaker, workshop leader, and instructor, David has earned top honors at premier songwriter competitions - Kerrville (TX) and Falcon Ridge (NY) - and taken his music, experience, and expertise to a wide variety of venues in this and other countries full-time for more than two decades.

David’s songs (“Rising in Love”, “Earth”, “Manuel Garcia”, “May the Light of Love”, “Nine Gold Medals”, “Spacesuits”, “Rocket Science”, and many more) have found their way to Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, several Chicken Soup for the Soul books, the Kennedy Center, Peter, Paul, & Mary concerts, NASA’s Goddard Space Center ("Rocket Science" went up on the Space Shuttle Atlantis's May 2009 mission to repair the Hubble Telescope), the classic folk song book “Rise Up Singing”, and 10 CDs on the Wind River and Stockfisch (Germany) labels. Featured on many of Christine Lavin’s Rounder compilations, the former artist-in-residence at New York’s Omega Institute has also been a songwriting judge at Kerrville, Napa Valley (CA), Tumbleweed (WA), Eventide Arts (MA), the Avalon Festival (WV), and the South Florida Folk Festival.

David has also taught singing, songwriting, and performance at the Augusta Heritage workshops (WV), Puget Sound Guitar Workshop (WA), Common Ground on the Hill (MD), Rowe Conference Center (MA), Swannanoa Gatherings (NC), Summersongs (NY and CA), Pendle Hill (PA), Lamb’s Retreat (MI), the Woods Music and Dance Camp (Ontario), Wisconsin Stringalongs, the National Wellness Institute (WI), Unity Village (MO), and for many other groups and associations around the country.

The Chicago native (and two-time national anthem singer for the NBA's Michael Jordan-era Bulls) has garnered accolades for his performances, workshops, writing, and recordings. The BOSE Corporation includes "Taller Than My Hair" and "Five Blind Men" on their "best of new folk" compilations, and several of David's songs also appear in Barbara Glanz’s business best-selling books “Care Packages for the Workplace” (McGraw-Hill), "Care Packages for the Home" (Andrews-McMeel), “What Can I Do” (Lutheran Voices), and "The Simple Truths of Appreciation” (w/Ken Blanchard).

Also Appearing - Rick Gottlieb

Rick Gottlieb

Rick’s been playing guitar and singing for longer than he can remember. But while getting a degree in voice and performance from SUNY-Binghamton, he fell in love with a woman with blazing hazel-green eyes, and nothing has been the same since! Ultimately, Rick settled down in the Boston area, spending time building his skills as a guitarist and recording musician waiting for the right time to emerge on the music scene.And that time arrived! Music is a persistent muse who doesn’t let go of her followers easily. And so, here he is once more, creating music all but designed for a listening room. Music that can quiet an otherwise noisy room by the sound of his remarkable tenor voice and fingerstyle guitar chops. The kind of music that can lift a flagging heart and move the soul in directions that the listener never anticipated.Rick’s original music is influenced by other singer/songwriters like James Taylor, David Wilcox, Susan Werner and Jackson Browne. It speaks to audiences both young, old and somewhere in between, who enjoy music of both style and substance.


General Information

The 2014/2015 Season --

Tickets $13.00 unless otherwise noted.

  Oct 4 —

Kerri Powers

with Michelle Lewis

  Nov 1 —

Heather Pierson and Kate Klim (Split bill)

  Dec 6 —

The Boxcar Lilies

with Davey O

  Jan 3 —

David Roth

with Rick Gottlieb

  Feb 7 — Greg Greenway

  Mar 7 —

Les Sampou (tickets $15.00)

with Annalise Emerick

  Apr 4 — Girls Guns and Glory (tickets $15.00)

  May 2 — The Rafters and Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli (Split bill)

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