Off The Common Coffeehouse - Bridgewater, MA  
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Off The Common
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at the
First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church
50 School Street
Bridgewater, Massachusetts

We are sad to announce that the May 2 Windborne show is cancelled because of COVID-19. We miss sharing great performances with you and look forward to a return to normal. Stay Healthy

The 2020/2021 Season --

Tickets $15.00 unless otherwise noted.

  Oct 3 —

Greg Greenway

  Nov 7 —

The Kennedys

  Dec 5 —

In the Round with Grace Morrison, Mark Stepakoff, Kirsten Manville and Dave Richardson

  Jan2 —

Kate Klim and Louise Mosrie (Split Bill)

  Feb 6 —

The Bombadils

  Mar 6 — Gathering Sparks and The Promise is Hope (split bill)

  Apr 3 — Don White

  May 1— The Revenants


General Information

The 2019/2020 Season --


Oct 5

Monica Rizzio Band

Nov 2

In the Round with Kim Moberg, Tom Smith, Rachel Marie, and Julia Mark


Dec 7

Genna & Jesse and Andy & Judy (split bill)


Jan 4

Greg Greenway


Feb 1

John Flynn


Mar 7

Shawna Caspi and The Lied To’s (split bill)


Apr 4

Anne Hills


May 2


Previous Seasons